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About Holistic Health and Breath

Alissa Powell is a registered Nutritional Therapist [BA (hons), Dip CNM (hons)] and Breath Therapist (Dip BBA).

Alissa believes in taking a holistic approach to health. This includes optimal nutrition, functional breathing, and living a healthy lifestyle. She believes in helping to nurture a person’s mind, body, and soul, and supporting them on a path to living their best – and healthiest – life.

Before opening her own clinic, Alissa worked for several years at a reputable functional medicine clinic where she gained experience working with complex, chronic, and often undiagnosed medical conditions. She established a reputation as a supportive and caring practitioner who enjoys building relationships and working together with the client to educate and empower them in achieving their goals. Alissa takes a functional medicine approach with her clients, addressing root causes, as she believes that optimal health comes from looking at all aspects of a client’s life including their medical history, current issues, diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress management, exercise, and everything else which may be impacting a person’s well-being.

Alissa has experience working with a variety of complex health conditions. She has a particular interest in autoimmune, skin, and gut health conditions, where she has her own direct, personal experience, as well as in brain health, respiratory, and anxiety conditions. She enjoys keeping up with current research, digging deeply into science journals, and exploring opportunities to better help her clients.

Since qualifying as a nutritional therapist, she has become a certified Buteyko breathwork instructor and uses breathwork as a complementary tool for helping people with mental health issues, respiratory conditions, and fatigue. Alissa used her breathwork knowledge to personally overcome panic attacks associated with public speaking and generalised anxiety, and enjoys teaching these tools to others. She is also a published author of a children’s mindful breathing book (Animal Breathing Exercises for Children: Mindful Breathwork for Ages 5+), and a Qigong instructor.

Alissa is very passionate about healthy eating and healthy living in general. She will happily provide dietary, fitness, and lifestyle advice, as well as recipe inspiration. She’s a firm believer in establishing good daily habits and routines, as long-term well-being comes from consistency and changing patterns that no longer serve you. She strongly believes the client must be an active participant in their healing journey to achieve long-term goals.

Before following her passion for health and wellness, Alissa worked as a web and graphic designer, and ran a successful jazz festival. She was born in the USA, lived for several years in Australia, and settled in the UK 20 years ago with her husband and children.


  • BA Marketing and Business Administration (Hons), Bryant University
  • Dip CNM (Distinction)
  • Lifecode GX Nutrigenomics certified practitioner
  • Buteyko Breathing Association Certified Teacher
  • CPD interests: Immunity/Autoimmunity; Anxiety and Panic Attacks; Microbiome Health; Gut Health (IBS, IBD, SIBO, GORD/GERD); Women’s Health and Hormones; Alzheimer’s and Dementia; Asthma; Stress and Nervous System Disorders; Psoriasis; Eczema; Arthritis; Respiratory Conditions


  • mBANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)
  • CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)
  • Buteyko Breathwork Association (BBA)
Alissa Powell Founder, Holistic Health and Breath, AP Nutritional Therapy, Breath Therapy
Alissa Powell

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